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Greg lives alone, cut off from human contact by a particularly harsh winter.

Greg's mother calls him daily to remind him that he is a failure.

Greg has a tumor.

...which may turn out to be the best thing that has happened to him in a very long time...

"Benís style is, frankly, kind of marvelous. Iím generally not all that impressed when artists go out of their way to be different. I think the difference comes out in his mastery of his own art form. His raw talent pours out of every single page."

- 4 Color Rebellion

"The independent and self-published comic scene has always been an exciting one, but rarely does it reach this level of rich subtext found in The Tumor."


"Jelter is clearly a gifted artist who is able to powerfully realize the bleak world of his story. Jelter has effectively married artistic tone with overall plot in ways that Iíve seen even veteran artists unable to replicate."

- Pop Matters

The Tumor is Ben Jelter's debut graphic novel.

News- Stumptown went very well. Sold out of The Tumor! (don't worry, I have more, I just didn't bring enough) Portland has good taste ;) and great artists!


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Review by 4 Color Rebellion

Tumor on Your Face(book)

8.5x11 90 pages
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